. Air Jet is interested in establishing business collaboration relationships with companies preferably located in Brazil, Chile, Turkey, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

. Our prospective business partners would ideally be dynamic companies in the field of filtering equipment and environment engineering which have qualified technical staff as well as  capabilities to develop and carry out projects, including engineering works, control supervision  of the equipment manufacturing, erection  and installation start-up.  They should also preferably be already introduced in the Cement, Food, or Chemical sectors, or others where industrial filtering equipment is needed for environmental control or product recovery.

. Air-jet would provide Know-How and technical commercial advice from the offer presentation to the installation start-up.

. We would also consider and suggest the possibility that local companies should finalize contracts directly with their customers.

. We have worldwide references.

Interested companies please contact:
Sergi Radua :
Iñaki Cuscó :


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